Release day: By Her Side

My new book, By Her Side, is out today.

A romantic suspense, it features Vince, an undercover cop who is persuaded into acting as the temporary bodyguard for Rory, the independent-minded granddaughter of a wealthy Sydney business man.

You can buy a copy at AmazonAU, AmazonAmazonUK, Booktopia, iBooks and Kobo. (Please note, it’s only available as an ebook.)

It already has a 5-star review on Goodreads!


screen grab 5 star review BHS


Launch giveaway winner announced

imageThe winner of the launch giveaway for Snowy River Man is Catherine McLean.

Catherine originally entered Book’d Out’s Australia Day Blog Hop giveaway, so I’m glad she won this time round.

So far, Snowy River Man has attracted several 5-star reviews on AmazonUS and an average of 4-stars on Goodreads.

If you do read and enjoy the book, I’d encourage you to write a review. It helps to get the word out there.

I’m surprised – and gratified – how many readers have found the book engrossing. Here’s what some have had to say:

I read this book in one night, it’s a real page turner, the plot is full of suspense, mystery, and when you’re sure of what is going to happen next, the author changes the direction and leaves you again, desperate to know how things are going to resolve! (Julia Damatto)

There is a lot of plot packed into Snowy River Man, which made for a fast, page-turning read. (Sam Still Reading)

I guess my love of suspense shines through. Even a confirmed crime reader enjoyed it. (You can read her review here.)

For everyone who missed out, you can buy Snowy River Man for around the price of a cup of coffee from Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AustraliaBarnes and NobleBooktopiaBookworld, Google Play,iBooks StoreKobo, and the publisher: Escape. Remember, it’s in ebook format only.

Thanks for participating and happy reading!


First review of Snowy River Man – and it’s 5 star!

imageSnowy River Man, my debut romance novel, is being released on Sunday and the first review is out.

Over the past few years, I’ve heard a lot of warnings from authors, “Don’t read the reviews!” But when someone tags you on Facebook and says they loved your story, it’s very tempting to check out what they have to say. And I’m glad I did!

Brenda, a Goodreads librarian, writes:

I thoroughly enjoyed Snowy River Man which is the debut novel for Aussie author Lizzy Chandler. A nice mixture of suspense and romance, with a gritty plot and delightful characters; the word pictures painted of the countryside around the Snowy Mountains, the chill in the air, the blackness of the night sky plus the vividness and brightness of the stars – all was exceptionally well done. I did feel the ending was a little rushed, but I have no hesitation in recommending Snowy River Man highly, and will be looking out for the author’s next title with interest. (Read the rest of the review here)

For a first review, it couldn’t get much better and I’m thrilled. I’m so glad someone loved my characters and setting. When I read it out to my mum she said, “That sounds like a book I’d like to read!” I’ve always been a bit nervous about my family reading my work, but maybe it’s time to get her an e-reader?

Snowy River Man will be available from this Sunday, 22 February. You’ll be able to buy a copy at Escape, Booktopia, Bookworld and Amazon. (How come they’re all different prices?) I do hope you’re temped to read it.

Note: Book bloggers can still request a review copy on Netgalley for another four weeks, but you must use this link because it won’t appear on a search. Let me know if you have any trouble!

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

I am in awe of what book bloggers manage to read in one week. I’m lucky to read two or three books in a good week. Sometimes, like this week gone past, I manage only one.

At the beginning of the week I was busy trying to get my work-in-progress finished – only to receive feedback that my hero is fine but my heroine could have a little more depth. Back to brainstorming, adding complexity, layering and redrafting. Then on Wednesday I received the final edits for my romance novel, Snowy Mountain Man, which is due out with Escape on February 1st, 2015. Snowy Mountain Man is my debut novel and I was pleasantly surprised the edits weren’t too daunting. The process, back and forth with the editor, took a couple of days of intensive work and it was done. Now I’m waiting to see the cover.

While I’m busy writing, I tend to read short things – blog posts, online articles – or I listen to radio podcasts. The podcasts are especially good when I wake in the small hours and don’t want to switch on the light. I’m a big fan of ABC’s Radio National, including Late Night Live, Law Report, Conversations with Richard Fidler, All in the Mind, Philosopher’s Zone, Religion and Ethics Report and more. I also love the BBC’s In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg. This week it featured a discussion of Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh who ruled Egypt in the 15th century BCE. Hatshepsut was one of the most successful and influential of the pharaohs but after her death her name was erased from records. (Good job there are tenacious scholars out there eager to reclaim her history.)

Yesterday I went up to Katoomba library (which, incidentally, must have one of the world’s best views for a library). Having returned one book, I found another by an author who has been on my radar for ages, Louise Doughty, whose Apple Tree Yard has been highly recommended by friends in my fans of Nicci French Facebook group. Apple Tree Yarimagewas out, so I borrowed Whatever You Love instead. So far, it hasn’t disappointed.

Whatever You Love begins with an event that is every parent’s worst nightmare and gets progressively worse. It flips back and forward in time, revealing the context for an event that threatens to destroy the first-person narrator, Laura, an ordinary single mum from a working class coastal town in the UK who is trying to cope with extraordinary and deeply painful circumstances. Doughty is masterful at depicting the minutiae of ordinary life while at the same time building an atmosphere of suspense and menace. It isn’t often that suspense novels make me cry, but this book did (and I haven’t even got to the end). It certainly won’t be the last of Doughty’s I’ll be reading.


“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. Several Aussie book bloggers are participating, incluing Shelleyrae at Book’d Out, Debbish and Literary Explorations.

  • Snowy River Man – rural romance

  • Country Secrets – anthology

  • By Her Side – romantic suspense

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